Services available

The services sellers can provide through the Digital Marketplace have been divided into 11 distinct areas of expertise. Together they cover the digital spectrum, plus essential supporting services.

Before a seller can provide a service through the Digital Marketplace they are evaluated to ensure they meet our assessment criteria.

Areas of expertise:

Strategy and policy

Strategy and policy relates to the higher level planning and policy considerations of a digital product or service. Examples include business case development, policy analysis and policy advice.

User research and design

User research and design covers all activities relating to the research and design of a service. Examples include user research, interaction, inclusive and service design, participant recruitment and facilities for usability testing.

Agile delivery and governance

Agile delivery and governance covers all services relating to the delivery and management of a digital service or product. Examples include business analysis, delivery management, performance and web analysis, and product management.

Software engineering and development

Engineering and development cover the technical aspects of the delivery, enhancement and maintenance of a digital service. Examples include web development, devops, technical leadership, architecture, continuous delivery, testing and quality assurance.

Support and operations

Support and operations covers the day-to-day activities needed to run a digital service. Examples include administration, business operations, data entry, contact centres and tech support.

Content and Publishing

Content and publishing covers all services that provide or manage any type of online or offline content. Examples include content design, writing, translation, photography, video, interactive, illustration and animation.

Change, training and transformation

Change, training and transformation is about introducing new approaches to work culture and practices in government. Examples include digital transformation advice, agile coaching, change management and training in new ways of working.

Marketing, communications and engagement

Marketing, communications and engagement create awareness, adoption and ongoing use of a digital service. Examples include advertising, PR, event marketing, content marketing, social, SEO and growth hacking.

Cyber security

Cyber security protects the Australian government and its citizens’ interests online. Examples include information security, assessments, ethical hacking, monitoring, incident response, data privacy and digital forensics.

Data science

Data science brings analytical rigour and statistical methods to measure quality, improve services and model behaviour. Data Management is the knowledge that makes an organisation’s enterprise asset (data) discoverable, accessible and useable to stakeholders, while encompassing a good governance framework. Examples include statistical and scenario modelling, machine learning and data visualisation.

Emerging technologies

Emerging technologies is about using recent digital advances for commercial or government purposes. Examples include artificial intelligence, robotics, wearables, Internet of Things and augmented or virtual reality.


Recruitment professionals can provide candidates to buyers in one or more of the listed areas of expertise.


Sellers can showcase digital products in the seller catalogue. This is a first step (or minimum viable product) towards being able to buy products through the Digital Marketplace.