Seller Guide

About the Marketplace

The Digital Marketplace is a procurement platform that's making it easier for digital businesses of all sizes to compete for ICT contracts across local, state, territory and federal government.

It's being delivered by the Digital Transformation Agency as part of the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

Who can join

Digital service providers

You can join the Digital Marketplace if you have experience in the following digital areas of expertise:

Digital product providers

You can join the Digital Marketplace to showcase digital products on your seller profile page. This is a first step toward being able to sell digital products through the Digital Marketplace.

Digital recruiters

You can join the Digital Marketplace as a recruiter if you can provide candidates with digital expertise.

How to become a seller

There are 2 types of sellers in the Digital Marketplace:

  1. Registered sellers have a seller profile visible to buyers on the Digital Marketplace. They can view opportunities but because they are not panel members cannot apply for them.
  2. Active sellers are members of the Digital Marketplace Panel approved to offer 1 or more areas of expertise. Active sellers can apply for opportunities if they have been approved for the relevant area of expertise.

Becoming a registered seller

Click 'Join the Marketplace' at the top of any Digital Marketplace page.

You'll be asked to provide information about your business, including case studies, references and supporting documentation. You will also be asked to accept the Master Agreement, which forms the basis of any contracts you may be awarded.

We welcome new sellers and will complete this initial assessment quickly. Once approved, your profile will appear in the seller catalogue within the Digital Marketplace.

As a registered seller, Digital Marketplace visitors will be able to see your summary information, including your name, business summary, the services you offer, and badges that identify your unique characteristics. Only registered buyers will be able to see and search for more detailed information about you.

Becoming an active seller

To become an active seller you must first be a registered seller, then when you see an opportunity you are interested in, you can request an assessment. This assessment will be for the relevant area of expertise required for that opportunity.

If you are successful in the evaluation you become an active seller and you can then apply for the opportunity.

Invite people in your business

You can add contributors once your profile is published to the Digital Marketplace. Once a contributor has registered they’ll appear in your team list on your dashboard and will be able to make profile edits, add case studies and respond to briefs.

To add a contributor navigate to your seller dashboard and select ‘invite or remove’. It’s sitting next to a list of your current team members. then, select invite a contributor and enter the email address of the person you would like to add. An email will be sent asking the recipient to register as a contributor.

Advice on case studies

Seller case studies are now an important part of the Digital Marketplace. Buyers will soon search and browse them when looking for suitable sellers. We also use them to assess sellers who want to offer a new area of expertise.

1. Check you meet the assessment criteria

Before you start writing a case study, closely read the assessment criteria. Your case study must demonstrate how your skills and experience meet all — or a selection — of the criteria for the area of expertise you want to offer.

It's important that you look through the list and choose the criteria you will write to. Once you've written your response, go back and double check your case study satisfies the criteria.

2. Remember to answer the mandatory elements

All case studies must show you can:

3. Is there enough detail?

Your case study doesn't have to describe everything. You just need to describe the part you played, while communicating the points that will meet the assessment criteria.

We've put word limits to help you keep it brief, but you can supply additional proof with the links. For example you can add presentations, video or link to the app, website or product that you made.

Remember to be specific with data. For instance, if you say you've doubled daily web traffic we don't know if that's from 10 to 20 visits or 100,000 to 200,000 visits.

4. You can keep writing up until an assessment

Once your seller profile is live in the Digital Marketplace you can edit and update your case studies at any time.

An evaluation for a new area of expertise is triggered when you see an opportunity you're interested in and request an assessment. So before you click the button you can always go back into your profile and check your case study, or add another one.

5. Work as a team

If you're collaborating on your case studies with colleagues, you can use our Google spreadsheet template . It even includes an example case study to get you started.

6. If at first you don't succeed try again

If you don't meet our assessment criteria you can request feedback. In most cases, you'll be able to update your seller profile and case studies and try again another time.


Assessments start when you express interest in an opportunity that needs expertise you're not yet approved to offer.

Express interest early! We will use reasonable endeavours to complete the assessment so that you can apply for the opportunity.

The assessment process

Assessments include:

An assessment may also take into account:

If you meet the criteria

Once you pass an assessment for an area of expertise you won't need to be assessed for it again.

After your first successful evaluation you become an active seller and part of the Digital Marketplace Panel.

If you don't meet the criteria

If you are unsuccessful, you can request a verbal debrief from us.

After addressing the feedback by updating your profile, you can request another assessment in relation to a new opportunity.

Verifying your information

When you register on the Digital Marketplace you will be asked to provide information to become a registered seller.

We may use any information to inform the assessment process. As well as looking at the information you provide and contacting references, we may also:

Any delays supplying the information we request from you may delay your assessment.

If information you supply is false or misleading, your account may be terminated.

Adding new areas of expertise

You can add new areas of expertise or digital products at any time by updating your seller profile.

Applying for opportunities

Learn how to apply for opportunities published by government buyers.

How to apply

If any opportunities interest you, and you've been approved to offer the required area of expertise, click 'start application' and follow the prompts.

If you haven't been approved to offer the area of expertise the opportunity requires, you can request an assessment. If we can confirm your expertise before the opportunity closes you can apply.

If your assessment is successful but the opportunity has closed, you can apply for opportunities that call for that area of expertise in future, without needing to be reassessed.

Essential and 'nice to have' skills and experience

Each opportunity sets out essential skills and experience as well as 'nice to have' skills and experience. You must have all essential skills and experience to apply for an opportunity.

Asking questions

If you have any questions about an opportunity, select 'sign in to ask a question' and add your question. We will then share your question with the buyer.

Before the opportunity closes, your question and answer will published on the opportunity page.

To give time for buyers to answer, you can only ask questions for the first half of the time an opportunity is live. So if the opportunity is for 1 week you can ask questions for the first 2 business days after the opportunity is published. If the opportunity is open for 2 weeks you have 1 week to ask questions.

The deadline for asking questions is published on the opportunity.

Question and answer sessions

Buyers may also offer a question and answer session for potential sellers. You'll need to sign in to view the details of how to join a question and answer session.

After applying

A short time after an opportunity closes the buyer will let you know if you are on their shortlist.

Shortlisted sellers are then invited into the evaluation stage. The buyer will let you know of any materials you will need to prepare. For example a proposal or presentation.

If you're chosen to perform the work, you and the seller can develop and agree a work order, which is the contract for the work.

Terms of use

Activity on the Digital Marketplace is covered by the Terms of Use.

Moving to the Digital Marketplace Panel

Soon after the Digital Marketplace Panel is formed, the Digital Service Professionals Panel will close. Work orders will continue to completion under the panel that they commenced.

Master Agreement

Work awarded to Digital Marketplace sellers will be on the basis of the Master Agreement. Each award will form a separate contract between the government buyer and the successful seller. This is called a work order and it will contain specific details of the work to be provided including the cost. More complex awards, and 'as-a-service' awards, may need additional terms and conditions. The Master Agreement allows for these additions within a work order.

Rights we reserve

Our goal is to make the Digital Marketplace and its processes simple and transparent, for the mutual benefit of our buyers and sellers. But we do need to reserve some basic rights in addition to those we set out elsewhere.

We reserve the right to:

Your feedback shapes the Marketplace

The Digital Marketplace is an agile development in Beta. This means the site is evolving over time in response to the needs of buyers and sellers.

We're listening to our buyers and sellers and engaging with the wider procurement community to create a marketplace based on real feedback, insights and needs.

Make sure the Digital Marketplace works for you. If you have any questions, feedback or want to take part in user research, email us at