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Department of Human Services - Business Transformation Division

Strategic Pre Discovery and Conceptual Design for Welfare Transformation

Important dates

Opportunity ID
Deadline for asking questions
Tuesday 16 January 2018 at 6PM (in Canberra)
Closing date for applications
Friday 19 January 2018 at 6PM (in Canberra)
Friday 12 January 2018


Write a summary of your brief

We are developing a suite of strategic and concepts to inform cross-agency executive engagement on future social services delivery for particular cohorts and services. The concepts will be used to support a broad range of engagements with range of actors participating in the welfare payments ecosystem.

What is the latest start date?
29 January 2018
How long is the contract?

22 weeks (until 30 June 2018)

Where can the work take place?
Australian Capital Territory
Who will the specialist work for?
Department of Human Services - Business Transformation Division
Budget range

About the work

Why is the work being done?

We are developing a suite of strategies and concepts to inform cross-agency executive engagement on future social services delivery for particular cohorts and services. The concepts will be used to support a broad range of engagements with a range of actors participating in the welfare payments ecosystem.

Your team will provide strategic advice and targeted product development to support the future work programme of our business transformation.

The objectives of our transformation include:

1. Improving the digital experience for citizens and staff

2. Automating backend processing

3. Enabling the tailoring of services based on risk and needs assessment

What's the key problem you need to solve?

Your team will be responsible for leading a series of time-boxed and agile pre-discovery research, analysis and service design activities.

Content focus will span multiple subject areas, and you will create a set of strategic concepts that inform and frame:

• Current state pain points and strategic transformation drivers/opportunities

• Future state conceptual design and critical interactions

• Strategic design (and delivery) options and recommendations

• Cross-agency executive engagement and investment decision support

• Detailed business and solution design

The concepts will be packaged and delivered incrementally throughout the work lifecycle.

Describe the users and their needs

Welfare Recipients and Departmental Staff

What work has already been done?

Who will the work be done with?

This project is led by the Business Architecture Branch, in the Business Transformation Division of the Payments Reform Group. You will work with existing project directors, business subject matter experts, user experience designers, strategic business designers and analysts.

Your team will collaborate with executives and business area staff who own and influence the design, manage business programme outcomes, service delivery operations and business systems. Your stakeholders will be internal and external to the Department of Human Services as required.

Any additional relevant information?

The Department of Human Services is currently undertaking the Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation (WPIT) Programme. The WPIT Programme is taking a whole-of-government approach to progressing the department’s next phase of business-led transformation for welfare payments.

The team required will be made up of 12 resources as follows:

2 x Senior Strategic Stakeholder resources

10 x Strategic Support Resources

These 12 resources will be required to "roll on and off" throughout the 22 week engagement as required by the project.

What phase is the work in?

Work setup

Where will the work take place?


What are the working arrangements?

Blend of on and off-site, as required by delivery lifecycle.

Is security clearance required?

Baseline Security Clearance Required.

Police Clearance Checks and Probity Clearance will also be required for all personnel working on this engagement.

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate sellers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Demonstrated high level experience working as a strategic service designer in a large, complex and multi-actor (government and non-government) policy and service delivery environment
  • Demonstrated deep understanding of digital and user centred design principles and practices
  • Demonstrated experience creating conceptual design artefacts suitable for ministerial, and cross-agency executive audiences including: operating models, interaction flows, digital media, and other visual aids
  • Proven track record of supporting senior executive investment decisions that span organisational boundaries (public and private sector)
  • Proven experience facilitating senior executive co-design, business subject matter deep dives and design validation through a range of formats including: 1:1 interviews, focused workshops and large-scale discovery and design hubs (>25 participants)
  • Demonstrated collaboration, presentation and communication skills and ability to work with all stakeholders particularly through periods of uncertainty and large-scale transformation
  • Proven experience to prepare and facilitate design workshops to derive pain points, innovative ideas and outcomes from stakeholders
Nice-to-have skills and experience
  • Knowledge of and / or experience working with the Digital Service Standard will be highly valuable
  • Demonstrated contemporary experience working across multiple social policy reform and digital service delivery programmes is highly desirable

How sellers will be evaluated

How many shortlisted sellers will you evaluate?
Proposal criteria
  • Technical Competence - How the approach or solution meets our organisation’s policies and goals, and you have identified risks and dependencies and offered approaches to manage them.
  • Team structure - Essential Skills and experience
  • Price
  • Value for money
Cultural fit criteria
  • Ability to work with both internal and external Senior Executives
  • Transparent and collaborative at all times
  • Outcome focused - aligned to what is important and adds value
Payment approach
Time and materials
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Work history
  • Reference
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence

Cultural fit


Seller questions

Seller questions
Seller question Buyer answer
1. The current response template comprises 9 skills and experience criteria with a maximum 150 words allowed per criteria. We will ensure we comply with this requirement, however the current template does not explicitly seek information on people, pricing or referees. Given this, can the Department please confirm that information about our people, pricing and referees is not required at this stage of the assessment. Please attach the information about your people, pricing and referees in the attachments section. The "essential criteria" responses can still be responded to in the template provided, any further information you would like to include on the response is to be attached.
2. The requirement details a need for 12 resources - are we able to respond with a smaller number? Your response should be presented in line with our requirements, we estimated it would take a team of 12 people for this work (whom will roll on and off throughout the engagement as required). If you wish to present a response with a smaller number of staff, then please detail the reasons in your response.

Only invited sellers can apply for an 'Open to one' or 'Open to selected' opportunity.

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