(ACNC) - Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

Implementation and configuration of GovCMS, including migration of data

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Friday 10 November 2017 at 6PM (in Canberra)
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Friday 17 November 2017 at 6PM (in Canberra)
Friday 3 November 2017


Write a summary of your brief

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission requires design and implementation of GovCMS, along with services to migrate all existing content to GovCMS.

What is the latest start date?
January 2018
How long is the contract?

Where can the work take place?
Who will the specialist work for?
(ACNC) - Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
Budget range

$250,000 - $300,000 Inc GST

About the work

Why is the work being done?

The ACNC wishes to implement a Systems Upgrade Program to provision/replace the following key ACNC systems:

>ACNC websites, Online Register and associated forms and data;

>Customer Relationship Management;

> Content Management;

> Case Management;

> Workflow;

> Scalable and feature-rich Online Forms; and

> Business Analytics/Reporting

As part of the Systems Upgrade Program, the ACNC is seeking the implementation of a modern and robust content management system to meet:

> Whole of Government and ACNC policy requirements;

> corporate goals, including ensuring that information on the Charity Regsiter is accurate and accessible;

The ACNC also requires the migration of all content from the current CMS solution to GovCMS, including:

> website styling;

> the ACNC register; and

> guidance, documents and general site content

What's the key problem you need to solve?

The ACNC's current content management system does not meet the organisation's needs or the general public's expectations for funcitonality and performance.

The ACNC requires a content management system that:

> is simple to manage, where external support is rarely required to make content and site changes;

> integrates with the ACNC's CRM and online forms solutions;

> offers flexibility to enable a greater degree of responsiveness from ACNC staff; and

> provides industry-standard security"

Describe the users and their needs

As the national regulator for charities, the ACNC needs to provide:

> a searchable register of charities

> information and guidance to charities on how to comply with their obligations

> access to the charity portal, so charities can complete forms and make changes to their registration

As charity representatives, public users need to:

> comply with reporting requirements via the ACNC Charity Portal

> ensure charity information on the register is up-to-date

> contact the ACNC to make requests regarding their charity's registration

For full details of the ACNC's requirements, you can request a copy of the Statement of Requirements."

What work has already been done?

The project is currently in the discovery phase. Requirements gathering has been completed, with a Statement of Requirements and full functional and non-functional business requirements documented. Market research and technology identification have also been completed, with GovCMS proving to be the most suitable fit for the ACNC.

Who will the work be done with?

You will be working with:

> internal teams, including ACNC business, IT and IT Security teams on the design of the solution to meet the ACNC's requirements;

> a Systems Integrator, who will be responsible for delivery of the CRM, case management, workflow and integration components of the Systems Upgrade program. Your work with the Systems Integrator will revolve around ensuring that the design and implementation of the iApply product allows for integration with ACNC's future CRM, case management, business analysis, reporting and workflow solutions.

> the ACNC's managed service provider, Data#3, to understand and coordinate any configuration changes required to implement the GovCMS product within the environment.

> an online forms supplier to provide input regarding how GovCMS can accommodate the iApply forms product, consistent with ACNC policies and standards."

Any additional relevant information?

A subsequent RFQ package will be provided to shortlisted suppliers to respond to the requirements.

For any queries, please send email to: RFQ-1843@ato.gov.au

What phase is the work in?

Work setup

Where will the work take place?

The ACNC is located at 747 Collins Street, Docklands, Victoria 3008. Design and documentation work can be done remotely.

What are the working arrangements?

Working arrangements will be based on 5 days/week full time. You will be expected to work with the ACNC IT and Education and Public Affairs directorates to establish the design and configuration of GovCMS, and migration of all content, through on-site workshops and consultation sessions.

Is security clearance required?

Pre-engagement (some contractors may require Baseline when dealing with sensitive production data)

Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate sellers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Experience in implementing GovCMS
  • Experience in migration of website content
Nice-to-have skills and experience

How sellers will be evaluated

How many shortlisted sellers will you evaluate?
Proposal criteria
  • Capability and capacity to successfully implement a solution
  • Ability to deliver a solution that aligns with the ACNC’s requirements, including schedule
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a partnering relationship with organisations to provide the technical solution
  • Proposed approach to innovation
  • Total price for whole of life costs
  • Value for money
  • Identification of any real or percieved conflict of interest
  • Past performance of contractual obligations
  • Nature and extent of IP rights and technical information provided by supplier
  • Relative risk of solution
Cultural fit criteria
  • Work as a team with our organisation and other sellers
  • Transparent and collaborative when making decisions
  • Have a no-blame culture and encourage people to learn from their mistakes
Payment approach
Fixed price
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence

Cultural fit


Seller questions

Seller questions
Seller question Buyer answer
1. Could you please share the copy of the Statement of Requirements? Please kindly e-mail RFQ-1843@ato.gov.au and we’ll send these documents to you via return e-mail.
2. What is the ACNC's CRM (e.g. Salesforce, Dynamics etc) that needs to be integrated? A CRM is yet to be chosen, however, our preferred technology stack includes Microsoft Dynamics Online or Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
3. Will the solution be self-hosted or hosted by govCMS? If hosted by govCMS, will it be a SaaS solution or PaaS solution? We are seeking input from the supplier on the recommended hosting approach. We anticipate the PaaS solution will be needed to deliver our requirements, particularly the Charity Register.
4. Is ACNC looking at using govCMS based on Drupal 7 or govCMS8 (based on Drupal 8)? Our preference is for Drupal 8. If this does not meet our requirements, we would look at using version 7.
5. What types of business analytics and reporting need to be done? The business analytics and reporting is required for the underlying CRM as part of the Systems Upgrade Program and is covered by a separate procurement activity. The business analytics and reporting primarily relates to the internal operations of the ACNC, such as case management and workload planning. This is not a requirement for the GovCMS solution. This should not be confused with any functionality required of the ACNC Register, which is in scope of the GovCMS procurement.
6. Will this need to be part of the CMS, or will data be reported to the CRM and analytics compiled there? Business analytics and reporting of internal operations of the ACNC will not need to be part of the CMS. ACNC expect data to be reported and analysed by the CRM itself. Regarding any data management, reporting and analytics requirements for the ACNC Register, we seek vendor solutions and input to meet these requirements.
7. The brief mentions the requirement to provide ‘industry-standard’ security. Do you have a particular standard you are looking for that we will need to meet, or are you looking for security recommendations from the vendor? By ‘industry-standard’ we refer to vendor best-practice, while also adhering to Government policy such as the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) and the Information Security Manual (ISM).
8. What is the iApply product, and are there any links or documentation we can see to give us more information on this? iApply, developed by DWS, is part of the preferred technology stack for the Systems Upgrade Program. iApply is an online forms product that provides a forms development and publishing facility, enabling ACNC to collect data from charities. iApply is focused on data collection and forms-related workflows with a framework, supporting integration with business systems. It's offered as SaaS or deployed on hosted/organisation-owned on-premise infrastructure. Functionality available doesn't differ between the two deployment models. iApply uses modern integration methods to embed forms within the customer’s CMS/portal service. iApply can adopt style guides from CMS, offering a singular experience for end-users. http://www.iapply.com.au/
9. Would an Office 365 based solution offering be aligned with the ACNC technology roadmap? Our preferred technology for the CMS is govCMS, with an underlying CRM in Microsoft Dynamics. Any integration with the ACNC’s Office365 suite that can be achieved by the solution would be favourable.
10. What is the intended volume and scale of internal external users? From the non-functional requirements: Internal applications should have the ability to manage a minimum 200 total users, while external-facing applications including the website, ACNC Register, Charities Portal should be capable of handling minimum 300,000 users. The system should manage a minimum of 15-25 concurrent internal users and minimum 1000 concurrent external users; during peak periods throughout the year, i.e. immediately after end of financial year, the system should handle 2-3 times the average concurrent external usage to handle submission of Annual Information Statements. This number is expected to remain stable over time, but may fluctuate during initial system implementation.
11. What format must the written proposal be presented in (E.g. Word, PDF, PowerPoint)? The written proposal should be presented in Word or PDF.
12. When does the ACNC expect the project to be completed by? ACNC expect the project to be complete by June 30 2018.
13. What’s the CRM that this needs to integrate with? If the CRM has not been chosen, are we right in assuming that a REST API base will be available at the time of integration? The underlying CRM will be based on Microsoft Dynamics Online or Microsoft Dynamics (on-prem) as part of ACNCs preferred technology stack. The CRM is covered by a separate procurement activity currently underway on Austender.
14. The tender doesn’t mention anything about UX or design, are these in scope as well? Seeing to-date only Discovery has been completed. UX and design are in scope, however, we anticipate the design will be largely based on current ACNC online website structure and look-and-feel, with minor to moderate content adjustments. The ACNC Register will require UX and design as a result of implementing a modernised solution.

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