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Augmented Reality Posters for ASADA

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Wednesday 29 August 2018 at 6PM (in Canberra)
Closing date for applications
Monday 3 September 2018 at 6PM (in Canberra)
Monday 27 August 2018


Write a summary of your brief

ASADA is looking to develop a series of Augmented Reality (AR) posters with the objective to educate athletes about their anti-doping responsibilities.

What is the latest start date?
How long is the contract?

The first three AR posters must be completed and ready to be delivered by October 15, 2018.

Where can the work take place?
Who will the specialist work for?
Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
Budget range

About the work

Why is the work being done?

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority is a government agency in the Department of Health. Our role is to protect the health of athletes and the integrity of Australian sport by preventing and detecting doping. ASADA’s Education and Innovation team is currently working closely with a number of National Sporting Organizations across Australia to develop tailored education products which are targeted to individual sports. As part of this, ASADA is exploring ways to use innovative technologies and approaches to engage younger athletes in anti-doping education.

What's the key problem you need to solve?

ASADA is looking to develop a series of Augmented Reality (AR) posters with the objective to educate athletes about their anti-doping responsibilities.

The first poster series will be developed in partnership with the National Rugby League, however ASADA intends to produce similar posters for other sports.

Each poster will be designed to educate athletes about a certain anti-doping rule or issue – for example, the risk of supplements containing banned substances, the health effects of performance enhancing drugs, or how to download the ASADA app.

For the NRL, ASADA intends to produce a three-poster series, with variations on the same concept.

Each poster will allow users to scan a trigger point to reveal information in the form video content (which will be the same across all three posters) and with a subsequent link to the ASADA Clean Sport application for download after the video has finished. All three posters will be of A1 size.

Describe the users and their needs


• ASADA expects that this product will be used by young athletes primarily between the ages of 12 and 25. We expect that all users will be confident using mobile devices and may be familiar with augmented reality experiences already. Athletes who use the AR option on the poster will be active learners, seeking further information about anti-doping issues.


• ASADA expects that other users of the AR posters will be coaches, managers and other support staff present at sporting grounds, who have an interest in anti-doping education. The users may also include school teachers and students wanting to learn more about supplements.

What work has already been done?

ASADA will provide the following content to the successful applicant

• Poster designs (open for edits/suggestions)

• AR content area design (open for edits/suggestions)

• Trigger area design (Advice on suitable trigger area design)

• Video material to insert into poster AR.

We are currently in the design phase of the posters, and are now reaching development phase in order to incorporate AR technology.

Who will the work be done with?

ASADA Education and Innovation Team

National Rugby League Education Team

Any additional relevant information?


The AR posters are designed to educate athletes, coaches and support staff on anti-doping issues, particularly at the community level where it can be difficult to provide face-to-face education. This expands ASADA’s reach into the grassroots level, raising awareness of critical health and integrity issues at all levels of sport.

The intention for the first poster series is to have the posters displayed at rugby league club houses and training grounds across Australia.

In addition, ASADA also plans to display the posters at outreach events and trade stands.


We are looking to expand ASADA educational poster designs with the user of AR interaction in order to better engage younger athletes, and to offer a greater educational experience.

The initial message and tagline will be displayed via text on the posters, with extended information in video format available through a single AR trigger hot spot.

We are looking to having this feature implemented into the already existing ASADA Clean Sport App on iOS and Android, or if not possible, via a web based option.

We are not looking to create or use an alternate standalone mobile app for this project.


Users should be able to use the ASADA App (or web page) to scan a single hot spot marked on each AR Poster. Upon scanning the hot spot, a panel displaying an informational video will overlay on the screen for the user. Users will be able to close the video panel at any time. This style of AR Poster, in future, will be transferred over to a variety of sporting codes.


ASADA is seeking the following services:

• Implementation of trigger scanning within the existing ASADA Clean Sport App; OR

• Creation of a web base option to explore AR content; AND

• Recommendations on design specifications for content panels and posters to suit the AR environment for optimal performance and reusability.

The initial quote should cover just the delivery of the first three posters (using the same AR content on each one), however once established, ASADA anticipates there will be others created in the near future.

What phase is the work in?

Work setup

Where will the work take place?

Fyshwick, Canberra, ACT

What are the working arrangements?

Remote work possible. Expect to touch base frequently via any mix of face-to-face, phone, video conferencing.

Is security clearance required?


Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate sellers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
have experience delivering Augmented Reality products
Nice-to-have skills and experience
provide evidence of mobile app development experience

How sellers will be evaluated

How many shortlisted sellers will you evaluate?
Proposal criteria
  • Technical solution
  • Approach and methodology
  • Value for money
  • Estimated timeframes for the work
  • How the approach or solution meets user needs
  • How they’ve identified risks and dependencies and offered approaches to manage them
Cultural fit criteria
Work as a team with our organisation and other suppliers
Payment approach
Fixed price
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence

Cultural fit


Seller questions

Seller questions
Seller question Buyer answer
1. What is the objective of the AR content? To provide users educational material or promoting the app? The primary objective of the AR content is to educate athletes about the risks of using supplements. If the AR solution is web based (not through the ASADA app) then a secondary objective is to promote the app. The idea is to promote the app through the web based app only if they do not already have the ASADA app downloaded.
2. How long are the videos approximately? Approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute.
3. Where will these videos be stored? Can be hosted on YouTube, or other video hosting platforms that suit. Open to advice from the supplier.
4. Are you just looking for a detailed proposal after the marketplace response? In the immediate short term we are looking for a quote, timeline and possible solutions for the project. A full statement of work will be established with the successful applicant.
5. If so, when is the expected deadline for the proposal noting that the start date is the 7th of September but the closing date for this application is the 3rd of September? We would like to start work ASAP. A statement of work should be established within the first week after being notified of being successful.

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