Fair Work Ombudsman and Registered Organisations Commission Entity (FWOROCE)

Website refresh and redesign - fairwork.gov.au

Important dates

Opportunity ID
Deadline for asking questions
Monday 6 August 2018 at 6PM (in Canberra)
Closing date for applications
Monday 13 August 2018 at 6PM (in Canberra)
Monday 30 July 2018


Write a summary of your brief

We are seeking a design agency to assist us in redesigning fairwork.gov.au utilising current brand guidelines. The design agency must specialise in user experience and will be required to undertake an extensive internal and external needs analysis to scope and recommend 2-3 design concepts.

What is the latest start date?
27/8/2018 (Flexible)
How long is the contract?

2-3 Months

Where can the work take place?
  • Victoria
  • Offsite
Who will the specialist work for?
Fair Work Ombudsman and Registered Organisations Commission Entity (FWOROCE)
Budget range

FWOROCE will be guided by competitive and best value for money responses from shortlisted sellers invited to respond to our RFQ in the next stage.

About the work

Why is the work being done?

The organisation is an independent statutory office, tasked with promoting harmonious, productive and cooperative workplace relations and ensuring compliance with Australian workplace laws. Fairwork.gov.au is our busiest customer service channel which focuses on delivering reliable, credible and accessible information which our users can easily find and apply to their situation.

Since launching fairwork.gov.au in 2014, our website has become the FWO’s most powerful customer service and communication tool with over 16 million visits last financial year. In that time, the website has evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers and to reflect changes to the FWO business model and priorities.

A personalised and intuitive digital user experience is a customer expectation and it is important that we evolve fairwork.gov.au to meet these expectations. The growing customer expectations gap and the unique challenge this presents to stay ahead of this has been acknowledged across Government.

Our research indicates that the typical lifecycle of a website is around three years. As fairwork.gov.au moves into it's fifth year of existence, we are looking to refresh our website to ensure that our busiest and most efficient customer service channel continues to meet the needs of our customers and our business into the future.

What's the key problem you need to solve?

The FWO is looking to refresh the website to ensure that its content and design is customer and mobile first. The objective is to deliver a seamless and integrated customer experience, tailored to build confidence and trust in customer interactions and our agency's Strategic intent. Critically, a refresh to fairwork.gov.au will also enable our website to continue to adapt to the changing technological environment by delivering a website that's design ethos offers more than easy to access information. A refreshed website looks and feels different as a result of a redesigned User Interface, refined Information architecture and mobile first design and structure.

Describe the users and their needs

Our online users are employers, employees and their representatives who utilise our website to seek information relating to their workplace rights and obligations. Further detail will be discussed as the project progresses.

What work has already been done?

External user testing has already been conducted and a report has been prepared.

Who will the work be done with?

You'll be working with a project team made up of staff from our technology and business branches. This includes project managers, developers and subject matter experts in our website and operational teams. Our business branch is responsible for maintaining and enhancing fairwork.gov.au content, pathways and user experience whilst working with other business units to enhance the user experience and to deliver the best possible online service officers for our customers. Our technology branch is responsible for supporting the systems and ultimately designing the solutions.

Any additional relevant information?

The work relates to delivery of key components of the refresh project. The supplier will be required to consult extensively with stakeholders and prepare documentation which includes the following:

- Customer Requirements Specification

- Business Requirements Specification

- Functional Requirements Specification

- Design Concept Specification and demonstration (containing 2-3 design options)

- Governance Framework and Content Strategy Update Recommendation

- Information Architecture Update Recommendation

What phase is the work in?

Work setup

Where will the work take place?

Melbourne, Victoria

What are the working arrangements?

This is flexible however technology and website teams in particular would expect to work closely with the successful tenderer on the development of deliverables over the period of the contract. Initial set up meeting / workshops (in person - location TBC) to discuss scope and approach in detail. Work can be undertaken remotely.

Is security clearance required?


Additional information

Additional terms and conditions

Engagement of Illegal Workers Prohibited

The Supplier must ensure that all its employees, agents, and any other person engaged to carry our the Consultancy Services, including those engaged by any subcontractors are at all times:

(a) Australian citizens; or

(b) in the case of persons who are not Australian citizens, not illegal workers.

The Supplier must remove or cause to be removed any illegal worker from any involvement in the carrying out of the Consultancy Services and arrange for their replacement at no cost to the Customer immediately when it becomes aware of the involvement of the illegal worker. The Supplier must immediately notify the Customer of the involvement of the illegal worker and the removal.

For avoidance of doubt, compliance with the Supplier's obligations under this clause will not give rise to an entitlement to claim any delay or otherwise excuse the Supplier from compliance with its obligations under this clause, including in relation to any subcontractors. The Supplier must provide the Customer with evidence referred to in this clause within 5 working days of receiving our request.

For the purposes of this clause an illegal worker is a person who:

(a) has unlawfully entered and remains in Australia;

(b) has lawful entered Australia, but remains in Australia after his/her visa has expired; or

(c) is working in breach of his/her visa conditions.

Skills and experience

Buyers will use the essential and nice-to-have skills and experience to help them evaluate sellers’ technical competence.

Essential skills and experience
  • Demonstrated ability delivering projects of this nature and scope within tight timeframes
  • Technical expertise in website design, including Information architecture design, user experience, WCAG
  • Demonstrated experience engaging with organisations to develop an agreed vision and structure
Nice-to-have skills and experience
Experience in considering, identifying and proposing Google Analytics opportunities when proposing design

How sellers will be evaluated

How many shortlisted sellers will you evaluate?
Proposal criteria
  • Approach and methodology
  • How the approach plans to identify user needs
  • How the approach plans to identify your organisation’s policy or goal
  • Estimated timeframes for the work
  • Technical expertise and experience
  • Value for money
Cultural fit criteria
  • Collaborative and ability to work as a team.
  • Clear communication lines
  • Work as a team with our organisation and other sellers
  • Transparent and collaborative when making decisions
  • Strong past performance confirmed by references
Payment approach
Fixed price
Assessment methods
  • Written proposal
  • Case study
  • Work history
  • Reference
Evaluation weighting

Technical competence

Cultural fit


Seller questions

Seller questions
Seller question Buyer answer
1. With this project, are you after the one agency to design the entire website including the front end code, HTML and CSS or do you just want the website scope and the PSD files? Or have you got the graphic design side of things already done and you just need it developed? some clarification would be handy. We are looking for one agency to re-design the user interface (including look and feel) of the website and recommend any changes to its information architecture aimed at improving the customer experience. The deliverables will include PSD files and HTML/CSS. Depending on the final design, we may also require front end code (i.e. JS). We will undertake the development ourselves utilising the design that has been provided.
2. To clarify, is this a UX/UI project only (technical implementation by internal developers mentioned in brief)? Yes, this is a UX/UI project only. We require UX/UI expertise to assist us in redesigning our website. We will take that design and implement it using internal developer resources and will collaborate with the design company to seek clarification when required.
3. What is the expected budget for this role? After shortlisting we will be seeking a request for quote/proposal from those shortlisted suppliers. We don’t provide information about our budget when we undertake procurement activities. We want to assess how well the proposals meet our requirements and will assess that price accordingly.
4. Has any technology been determined for the solution in terms of Content Management System, hosting infrastructure or design? - Is content migration considered in-scope of the deliverable? Yes, the technology has been determined. We will continue to utilise our existing ElcomCMS platform and hosting infrastructure. Content migration is currently out of scope but is negotiable depending on the final design.
5. Does the DTA or FWOROCE have an indicative budget range and/or maximum budget for this project? After shortlisting we will be seeking a request for quote/proposal from those shortlisted suppliers. We don’t provide information about our budget when we undertake procurement activities. We want to assess how well the proposals meet our requirements and will assess that price accordingly.
6. Are FWORCE open to partnerships from two marketplace listed vendors? One would act as lead and the other as subcontractor that would allow us to meet all project needs. Initial response in Marketplace would come via the lead partner. Yes The FWO is open to partnerships from two marketplace listed vendors. Please ensure that your response is clear in detailing the roles and responsibilities of each partner.
7. What is the structure of the internal team and the roles within it? Does the current team follow a agile process or something similar? If so what is it? Will the internal team be full-time on this project or have other priorities? Are all the active team members at the Melbourne location or elsewhere? The internal team is comprised of the following: System Owner, Project Manager, Subject Matter Experts from various business areas (including data analysis/reporting, customer facing delivery, content writing and publishing, internal & external communications), Business Analyst, Technical Lead, Front End Developers and Testers. Members of the internal team are primarily located in Melbourne and Sydney. The internal team will be working on a number of other priorities in addition to this project. A waterfall methodology will be utilised for this project.
8. How many stakeholders are there internally at FWO that would be across this project and be key influencers for the projects success? Aside from the Project Team, the exact number of additional internal stakeholders that will be involved across the FWO is undetermined at this time. The key influencers are the constituent members of the project governance committee, which is comprised of the System Owner and Senior Managers representing the various branches across the agency.
9. How many team members are in the tech branch and business branch? For the purpose of this project, 5 team members from the technical branch will be allocated to work on this project. Their functional disciplines will cover the following: Technical lead, front-end developers, business analyst and testers. At least 2 subject matter experts from the business will be directly involved as core members of the project team with additional business experts engaged as required.
10. Will the majority of the FWO team be based in Melbourne or will the team be scattered across Australia? Members of the internal project team are primarily located in Melbourne and Sydney.
11. How many business units does your business branch work with to enhance UX? Our Website and Intranet Team works with all FWO business areas on a daily basis to enhance UX. For the purposes of this project, representative stakeholders will be engaged from across the business.
12. Engagement What is the expected frequency and duration of onsite visits? We rely on key stakeholders to meet the project schedule and need them to be engaged and available to make decisions, and to remove delivery roadblocks. Who are the project stakeholders? Will we be managing the engagement directly with key stakeholders? It is anticipated that the tenderer’s response will include detail about the approach they plan to take in regard to stakeholder engagement. That said, the task of managing stakeholder participation and associated logistics will be undertaken by FWO’s Project Manager. The key stakeholders involved in the decision making process are the constituent members of the project governance committee, which is comprised of the System Owner and senior managers representing the various branches across the agency.
13. What are the methods of communication within the team? Additionally do you have channels which support working remotely eg video linkup, slack? Primary communication within the team will be via regular skype meetings and regular project updates delivered via email. In addition, opportunities for ad hoc communication (as required) are available via video/phone conference, email and face-to-face. Yes, we have channels that support working remotely. These include phone and video conference, Go-to meetings, and Skype.
14. Are there any organisational restrictions around the types of software or tooling that can be used on the project? You are required to use front-end tooling that is compatible with Windows 10. The deliverables will include PSD files and HTML/CSS. Depending on the final design, we may require front-end code (i.e. JS) as well. We currently write our CSS in SASS and use JQuery version 1.7.2.
15. What work has already been completed by the current team? What collateral will be provided when the project commences? eg files, content, previous design work. Work completed includes usability testing which was carried out in April/May this year. Aside from the usability report, which will be provided to the successful tenderer, it is not anticipated that previous design work, files or content will be made available as a matter of course. However, the FWO will consider requests for provision of any specific artefacts considered by the successful tenderer as necessary to deliver the project.
16. Is the P.A.C.T section and the Login (My account) sections of the site within the scope of delivery? And if so, does the tools and calculators on here need to also be redesigned from a UX and visual perspective? My account is within scope in terms of maintaining consistency with the visual design and overall look and feel of the website. PACT is out of scope for this redesign project.
17. Has there been any Qualitative research done of the target audience that we can utilise for the discovery phase of the UX process? Yes. Usability testing was carried out in April/May this year.
18. Has there been any analytics reporting done on the website that will be shared with the vendor, aside from what is available within Google Analytics? And how detailed is this report? Currently, our main source of data for analysing fairwork.gov.au is Google Analytics. Any relevant reports that we have completed will be made available to the successful tenderer as required.
19. If there was one key objective, one metric that matters for the delivery of this website upgrade, what would that be? and how would that be measured? The FWO’s primary objective with this project is to increase customer engagement and satisfaction with its online services. In delivering this outcome, the FWO does not have any single key metric in mind that would demonstrate success.
20. Prior external user testing is mentioned in the brief. Does FWOROCE expect that research will be conducted (as a part of this project) with people representing the various groups of fairwork.gov.au website users - employers, employees, etc - in addition to stakeholders within FWOROCE to update the understanding of customer needs and expectations? Participants in the external user testing recently undertaken, included website user representatives of the FWO’s key customer groups. We believe the findings of this research are sufficiently detailed to provide an understanding of customer needs and expectations.
21. Do you have any analysis from your current website analytics and subsequent hypotheses from them? E.g. Browser, device usage and high volume user journey data etc. Yes. This information will be made available to the successful tenderer.
22. Research/Testing What method of testing was conducted ie was it qualitative or quantifiable based research? How was the research and testing data recorded / stored? What was the specific testing scenario? Was the website tested across all languages? For the testing what was the demographic of the user base? Testing was both qualitative and quantitative, with the following methodologies used: face-to-face moderated sessions, facilitated remote online sessions and online surveys. The user testing sessions were recorded and stored on USB. Testing involved 40 task/based scenarios. The website was not tested across all languages. The language help section and web translator were not in scope for the testing. The demographic of the user base for testing included: employers, employees, and employer/employee representatives.
23. Was the Fairwork website tested on desktop and mobile? Did the testing include the Fairwork website and the Fairwork commission website as we have found that these are closely linked? How conclusive are the findings within the testing report? Will we be able to do our own analysis of the testing data? Testing was conducted on desktop, and a range of tablet and mobile devices. The testing only included fairwork.gov.au. The testing report identified a number of potential areas for improvement. It provides recommendations for addressing those areas. Whilst some recommendations are quite specific and are aimed at addressing an issue found at a ‘page level’, other recommendations are more general in nature and do not prescribe a specific fix or solution. The report contains significant detail regarding the test data. The FWO will endeavour to provide further detail and clarification if any gaps are identified in the data.
24. Within the brief the Fairwork website is identified as the channel of choice, was there any comparative testing of the website against other service channels? If so what were the other channels and do you have collated results we can access? There was no comparative testing of the website against other service channels.
25. Delivery - In order to assess the technical feasibility of the proposed redesign we will need to be informed of technical limitations. Will we have access to information on the Tech stack, CMS specifications, What are the performance requirements for the website redesign (e.g. page load times etc)? Will we be building on top of the existing CMS solution. If so what is it? Are there any Aust government design guidelines? (a la [https://designsystem.digital.gov/](https://designsystem.digital.gov/)) Where will the new website be hosted? Will this be on your existing infrastructure? Yes. The CMS specifications can be found on the platform’s website (elcomcms.com.au) and their reference site. After the redesign, the website performance should be better than the existing performance; at minimal, it should be equal. ElcomCMS is the content management platform used. You will not be required to build directly within/on-top of the CMS platform. The design needs to comply with Digital Service Standards as well as any other relevant government website standards including Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. The new website will use the existing infrastructure.
26. You mention in the brief…”a refresh to fairwork.gov.au will also enable our website to continue to adapt to the changing technological environment” – what do you mean by this as you have stated you’ll continue to utilise the existing CMS platform and hosting infrastructure. How does this influence the design process? While we intend to continue with the current platform, our expectation is that this should not limit design thinking, or constrain the approach taken in the design process. The FWO appreciates the importance of taking a ‘mobile first’ approach to our refresh to meet contemporary expectations of mobile customers. In addition, the current design was implemented within an earlier version of elcomCMS. Subsequent enhancements made to the platform provide an opportunity to revisit the design with the aim of delivering an improved mobile experience.

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