"Council’s Manager Leisure Services, Brad Sutton, said “the trial was part of The NSW Shark Management Strategy, an investment of more than $16 million to introduce innovative trials and fund continual projects over the next four years,” Mr Sutton said.

“Over the past two years, we’ve made a deliberate shift towards proactively informing beachgoers of the presence of sharks and the drone trials conducted this summer played a part in this proactive approach."

About the pilot

“We have an award-winning shark sighting procedure that was developed in collaboration with the DPI, and the drone flights at Redhead Beach as well as signage at our beaches, updates on Council’s website and social media alerts all complement this procedure and the services our lifeguards already provide.”

Lessons learned

  • The trial helped to provide aerial surveillance of local coastal waters and real-time data as part of a DPI research project.



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