The 5D Data Modelling initiative brings together streams of data from across Council to build a five dimensional view of city infrastructure.

Starting with a three dimensional digital model of above and below ground city infrastructure, dimensions of data and time are overlayed to produce the 5D Data Model.

Access to a user-centred and data-driven model benefits Council and the community in more effective and innovative planning, development, compliance, maintenance and research. It provides a more tangible interface for traditionally complex and siloed city data.

Range of Benefits
• Delivery speed of Council and community solutions
• Visibility of Council operations and limitations
• Enhanced citizen engagement and satisfaction
• Significant public sector, private sector and community collaboration
• Improved quality data collection and analysis

What's the key problem to solve?

Maintain a single point of truth and collaboration for city data.

Continuing the Ipswich Smart City Program principals of open and interoperable platforms, the 5D Data Modelling initiative aims to further integrate Council data with state and federal government data as well as telecommunications and utility data.

The 5D Data Modelling initiative at the same time leverages and advances many related Ipswich Smart City Program initiatives. For example, it utilises the Smart City Data Platform as the standard and source for many streams of city data including the UAV Operations initiative, Connected Transport Initiative, Healthy Living Lab initiative, Sustainable Living initiative, Connected City Lighting initiative and Smart Parks, Buildings and Facilities initiative. It is also developed and enhanced as an integrated digital technology solution by the Application Studio and public access to the 5D Data Model is through the Digital Service Standard single point of entry platform.

Who are the users and their needs?

Council Planning and Development Department.
Infrastructure Services Department.
General public.
Entrepreneurs and innovators.

About the discovery

Adopted an open data policy and framework.
Developed an open data platform.
Calling for open expressions of interest to help us create an open 5D Data Modelling platform.

Lessons learned


    • Significant public sector, private sector and community collaboration

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