Buyer guide

What is the Digital Marketplace?

The Digital Marketplace is a procurement platform that’s making it easier for all digital businesses and government to work together. It’s a part of the National Science and Innovation Agenda and being delivered by the Digital Transformation Agency.

Now in Beta, the Marketplace is about more than bringing a government panel online. We’re building an end-to-end digital environment that makes all digital procurement easier — whether it’s straightforward, more complex or requiring a higher degree of collaboration and creativity.

Who can be a buyer?

If you work in government, and you need digital services, you can become a buyer in the Digital Marketplace. Our buyers are from across local, state, territory and federal government, including entities such as the ABC, the National Museum of Australia and some universities.

If you have an email address ending in you can create a buyer account now. If you work in government but your email is different, email your account request to

Create a buyer account

Why use the Digital Marketplace?

As the Digital Marketplace grows, so do the reasons to become a buyer.

Hundreds of pre-qualified sellers — All sellers on the Digital Marketplace Panel (which will soon replace the Digital Service Professionals Panel) are appropriately assessed for corporate stability and digital expertise before they can apply for an opportunity. You still need to consider if a seller is suitable for your needs, and perform any required due diligence.

New sources of supply — In addition to the prequalified Digital Marketplace Panel, the Digital Marketplace hosts a directory of sellers who are interested in working with government, but are new to the process. They are not panellists but might have just the expertise you’re looking for.

Publish quickly and easily — First-time buyers have reported they can create and publish a brief within 30 minutes. Briefs remain open for either 1 or 2 weeks. So, if what you need is straightforward, you can have a proposal or resumes on your desk in a little over a week.

Competitive market prices — On average 15 sellers compete for every opportunity, which naturally creates a range of options to achieve value for money.

Support meeting diversity aims — Sellers can elect to showcase their Indigenous, disability or diversity status through badges that are searchable, which helps buyers policy requirements, for example the Indigenous Procurement Policy.

Simpler due diligence — The Digital Marketplace provides a single source for seller insurances and financials that you need in your enhanced due diligence. Insurance documentation will be available through the seller profile. Financial documentation will be available on request when you are considering awarding a contract.

Keyword search — With hundreds of new sellers onboarding in a richer content environment we’ve added keyword search on content and badges to help you source the expertise you need.

Smarter legals — We’ve revised the legal foundation for the Digital Marketplace Panel. It’s now a modular contract that is designed to scale for procurements from simple to complex.

Do you need an outcome or specialist?


Agencies are using the Marketplace for a variety of projects large and small. From a short assessment of a team’s capabilities, to software reviews for next-generation submarines or multi-million dollar website projects and everything in between.

Create a brief for an outcome

Need a hand with your brief? Contact us.


Engage individual digital specialists with the essential skills to deliver today’s digital projects through the Marketplace.

Create a brief for a specialist

Need a hand with your brief? Contact us.

The procurement process (and why it’s different in the Digital Marketplace)

Until now, successful procurement involved a lot of pre-research. Before you could go to market you had to carefully define your requirements and find a small group of potential sellers who could meet them. The Digital Marketplace turns this around. By publishing your opportunity ‘Open to all’ sellers in the Digital Marketplace, it’s easy to find sellers who are available and have the expertise you need. And it makes the process easier, instead of going to market you simply let the market come to you.

Follow these 6 steps to buy in the Marketplace; Prepare, Publish, Respond, Shortlist, Evaluate, Award.
  1. Prepare
  2. Publish
    • Follow the steps in the brief builder to create your brief
    • Choose whether you want to go ‘Open to all’ (recommended), ‘Open to selected’ or ‘Open to 1’
    • Choose whether you want your brief to be open for 1 or 2 weeks
    • Preview your brief and, if required, get approval (Stage 1)
    • Publish your brief on the Marketplace
  3. Respond
    • While your brief is live you need to answer questions from sellers
    • These questions may arrive via email with a link you can use to respond
    • You must paste the question and your answer at the bottom of your live brief
  4. Shortlist
    • After your brief closes you can download and review seller applications
    • Sign in to the Marketplace
    • Go to your Dashboard (link at the top right)
    • Click the link beside the closed brief ‘View seller responses’, this downloads a spreadsheet of seller responses
    • Use the sellers’ responses to your Essential and Nice-to-have criteria to decide on your shortlist for evaluation
    • If you wish you can also contact sellers for more information, this may be useful for more complex briefs
    • As a courtesy, email sellers who were not shortlisted to let them know they were not successful
  5. Evaluate
    • The evaluation is currently performed outside the Marketplace
    • Use the methods you choose when creating your brief to evaluate your shortlisted sellers
    • For an individual specialist you must review seller resumes, other methods are optional
    • For an outcome brief you must review the seller proposals, other methods are optional
    • To standardise your evaluation you can use this evaluation template
  6. Award
    • A work order, once signed, forms a binding contract
    • To create a work order sign in and go to the buyer dashboard (link on top right)
    • Then select ‘Create Work Order’ beside your closed brief
    • The work order will be pre-filled with some information from your account and your brief
    • Complete the work order, print, sign and countersign to create a contract with your chosen seller
    • As a courtesy, email the shortlisted sellers who were not successful

Useful documents

Download Draft requirements template
Use this template if you want to develop a brief with your team before creating and publishing a brief in the Marketplace.

Download Evaluation template
Use this template when evaluating which seller best meets your needs after you’ve shortlisted the responses to your brief.

Download Deed of Standing Offer
This document details the terms under which sellers are be contracted through the Digital Marketplace.

Download Master Agreement PDF
This document details the terms under which sellers are contracted through the Digital Marketplace, once the Digital Marketplace Panel is formed.

Does the Digital Marketplace meet Commonwealth Procurement Rules?

Yes, all sellers who respond to a buyer opportunity are part of a panel established through an open approach to market by the Digital Transformation Agency and meets the requirements of an open tender as set out in the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

The Digital Marketplace is designed to make it easier to comply with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, but buyers are still responsible for compliance with these rules and/or any all other applicable laws, regulations, policy or instructions that apply in your procurement situation.

Other local, state and territory government buyers are also welcome to use the Digital Marketplace but should ensure they comply with any additional procurement rules that apply in their state or territory.

Do I need to use AusTender as well?

You still need to meet the Department of Finance reporting requirements, which include notifying AusTender of contracts (and contract amendments) valued at or above the reporting threshold within 42 days.

Briefs published before 12 April 2017 should be reported to the Digital Service Professionals Panel (SON3364729).

Briefs published on or after 12 April 2017 should be reported to the Digital Marketplace Panel (SON3413842).

Help us build a better Marketplace

The Marketplace is being developed according to the needs of buyers and sellers. To help us make procurement simpler, clearer and faster, share your feedback or take part in user research. Email your comments or interest to us at