About the Digital Marketplace

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What this service does

The Digital Marketplace is a digital government service. It is comprised of a:

This panel was established through an open approach to market by the Digital Transformation Agency. It complies with the requirements of conducting an open tender. All panel members have accepted our Master Agreement. You can also download the Master Agreement as a PDF (PDF 229KB).

Buyers can:

Sellers can:

Who can be a buyer?

Buyers are from local, state, territory or federal government. Commonwealth corporate entities (CCE’s) can also use the Marketplace, for example, the ABC, the National Museum of Australia and most universities.

If you have an email address ending in .gov.au you can create a buyer account. If you work in government but your email is different, send an account request to marketplace@digital.gov.au

Who can be a seller?

Sellers of digital products or services can join the Digital Marketplace at anytime. The Marketplace is the only procurement panel that is online and open 24/7.

Advice and support

Sellers can find guidance:

Buyers can find guidance: